What are the Business Benefits of a Printed Brochure

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Printed brochures can bring many benefits to businesses, including greater visibility, improved brand awareness, growing customer engagement, and more. But, when carefully designed, brochures can be even more powerful. In fact, there are three notoriously difficult-to-achieve business benefits the ultimate printed brochure can help you unlock:

Can A Printed Brochure Generate Leads?

While businesses are often invested in engaging with larger pools of potential leads, the problem is that the quality of those leads can vary significantly.

In some bases, businesses are wasting time and resources nurturing relationships with leads that aren’t viable. Some have tried to sneak around this problem by developing websites which deliver essential information to top of the funnel visitors, filtering out unviable leads at the early stages, before initial contact. However, websites can’t always do this effectively, especially with aspects such as poor navigation or slow loading times limiting what information a potential customer can gain access to.

Printed brochures eradicate this issue. With a printed brochure, especially one which has an appropriate format and style the reader journey is linear; there’s a straightforward route from front cover to back cover, with all vital information accessible without needing to navigate what would be a large and confusing website. It’s all there, and easy to access, on paper. This means that leads aren’t getting in touch blindly; they already know your business offers a suitable solution, and they’re in a position to move forward.

Will A Brochure Build Trust?

Simple website builders like WordPress have made it possible to make changes to web pages in an instant. Today, businesses can add new content, edit existing content, and remove content whenever they want, however they want, without incurring any costs. And while this is fantastic for business owners who want to ensure they’re always providing the most up-to-date information to their customers, it doesn’t necessarily instill trust in buyers. Essentially, anyone can publish anything, without giving much thought to it, and then change it at will.

Printed materials are different. Products featured in printed brochures aren’t there because it’s free to include them; they’re there because a business has carefully and strategically selected that product to be highlighted in a brochure they’ve invested in.

Additionally, print is designed to last, not to be changed every day, highlighting that these products aren’t just flashes in the pan; they’re established products that businesses put their trust into. Print is the unsung hero in building trust amongst buyers.